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  • A Fresh and honest Approach
  • Competent
    Professional And Effective Management
  • Ethical
    of the City's Resources
  • Independent
    for All
  • Transparency
    and Open Access
  • Comprehensive
    to Address the City's Challenges
  • Enhanced Quality
    of Life
    for all Residents


Challenges Facing Shreveport:
  • • Diminishing Tax Base
  • • Aging and Failing Infrastructure
  • • Water, Streets and Sewers
  • • Economic Development 

Why Victoria Provenza?

  • - An Experienced Business Leader
  • - Consistent Professional Manager
  • - Committed to Ethical Administration

Join Victoria and #TeamShreveport at upcoming mayoral forums and other events to find out how she plans to address these issues.

What is #TeamShreveport?

#TeamShreveport is a group of concerned citizens who are dedicated to restoring the democratic process.

What made you decide to campaign for Mayor of Shreveport?

I was fed up with the lack of growth in Shreveport. I’ve had to move away from Shreveport, twice, as a professional geologist. Shreveport is my home, it's where I live and love.
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Accomplished Business Executive with Proven Leadership Skills

Victoria Provenza offers a unique and innovative approach to management through experience across multiple disciplines, serving in both public and private sectors. With over 25 years of implementing successful programs across the United States, Victoria is passionate about delivering Shreveport into a vibrant new economy.